Real Estate Photography

What is it about ads for homes that attracts the eye? The ZIP Code? The notations about easements and zoning codes?

No!  It's the photos.  The listings are chock full of important info but it's the visual imagery that draws one's attention and captivates the viewer.  Photos can convey more than simply the parts of a house.  They share the color, theme, layout, and the "feel" of a home. My images are a mix of documentary and artistry that show off the best element of the property that you're listing.

I do not offer staging or cleaning services so please make certain that the property is camera ready when we begin. I can normally get my images edited and delivered via Dropbox within 36 hours. Clients will receive the images in both web- and print-ready formats.




Package 1

$100 + tax


  •  Up to 15 photos
  •  Best for properties less than 1500 sq ft.
  •  Delivered in print and web-ready formats
  •  Time on site: < 1 Hr.

Package 2

$150 + tax


  • Up to 25 photos
  • Best for properties between 1500 to - 4000 sq/ft.
  • Delivered in print and web-ready formats
  • Time on site: 1 - 2 hr.

Additional options and packages can be made by prior arrangement!

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