Old as Fukk ... but not dead yet!

I've got my fair share of miles on me but I'm not ready to be old yet.  That time will come soon enough ... whether I'm ready for it or not. Until then, there's still time to hike, and run, and travel, and do stupid things.

What does the logo mean? Well, it means that life can be great and perfect ... for now, but soon enough, like all things, those times will end for one reason or another so you'd best enjoy it while you can.  Conversely, the bad times end, too, so just grit your teeth for a while and the clouds will part.

Learnin' I'm deserving of love and the peaceful heart
I won't tear myself apart no more for tryin'
I'm tired of lyin' to myself, tryin' to buy what can't be bought
It's not livin' that you're doin' if it feels like dyin

Ray LaMontagne - 'Old Before Your Time'

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