Howdy! I'm Dan: former soldier, former cop, former businessman, former adventure racer, former this and that.  Currently a photographing troubadour, working when and where I must to support my habit.

Like all of us, I'm getting old.  My body is feeling it but more than that, I feel as if I hadn't yet had enough travel and adventure in my life so I'm going to be making a dedicated effort to living the fullest life that I possibly can. On OaF, you'll see posts about fitness, travel, aging gracefully, financial gems and perhaps some thoroughly silly but entertaining thoughts about life, PTSD, sobriety (or the lack of sobriety) and having fun! On my OaF Instagram account, you'll see me at the gym, playing with the dogs, and general fun stuff whereas on the danscape account, you'll see the photographic fruit of my travels and adventures.

Let's look at the logo; a continuous circle indicating ups and downs. That's life, isn't it? The good times end so we must enjoy them.  The hard times fade and we have reason to rejoice again. C'est la Vie.

OaF is my way of embracing the remaining time I have on this planet. The t-shirts, blog posts and items that I place here are reflective of my travels, my history, and my desire to see all the world has to offer ... and sometimes just to be a smart *ss.


I haven't owned a suit in many years.  The few times that I have were either in character on a stage or for a work function. Obviously, I'm more of casual dresser and have long been a t-shirt guy. "Casual Fridays" were usually too formal for me.

The plan is to use the shirts as a reminder that we're not dead yet, as motivation for continued efforts at living a full life, and maybe to just to be a bit of a smart@ss!

C'mon! Let's go do stuff!

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