Week in Review - Apr 22

What a fun and busy week it's been!

A few days back, I visited the Columbia Plateau Trail down in Cheney and had a wonderful walk. Naturally, I took a number of pics including a quick shot of this monster as it glided across a small creek! I'll have a full post up about it in a few days.

A gopher snake glides quickly across a stream!

I have my name attached as a sponsor for a really cool show that is opening tonight at The Modern-CDA.  A Bright New Boise by Samuel Hunter. From The Modern's website:

"This winner of the 2011 Obie Award puts us in the bleak, corporate break room of a big box store in Idaho where someone is summoning The Rapture. The employee break room is the site where the thorny issues of faith, forgiveness, and second chances are put on the table. With great eloquence and compassion these lost souls of the Hobby Lobby confront an unyielding world through the beige-tinted impossibility of modern faith."

Directed by a local favorite, Heather McHenry-Kroetch, and populated by cast of local all-stars, I'm super pleased to have my name associated with a piece of theater that is this thought-provoking and funny!  Go see it! 

This Sunday, I'll be out golfing!  Those of you that know me must know that this is an abnormality and there must be a good reason why I'd be doing something so silly.  Yes.  Yes, there is!  I'll be out on the links with the cast of The Ladies Foursome capturing imagery for their upcoming show.  It'll be a blast as we've never quite done a shoot like this.  Naturally, you'll see plenty about that show soon.

I've started another side project, because, ya know, I have so much free time.  OldAsFukk is something that I've started to help me regain some of my previous fitness and activity level.  I'm getting older (and feeling it) and been in a fitness rut lately.  OldAsFukk is my way to project my efforts and desires forward and hopefully, I'll be able to project those hopes ahead of me and follow along diligently.

Though I do have a website, Facebook page and Twitter account for it, you'll OldAsFukk most active on Instagram!


A few days back, a friend of mine had some work done on her house, specifically the removal of a big ol' pine tree and some really old and ugly shrubs.  Heindl Tree Service came out and did a wonderful job and they did it with great efficiency.  Take a look at the short film I created to capture it!

I've tripped across another really cool Instagram account. Nick Lewis (@YentaSlayer) is a local fella that puts up a great mix of unique portraiture, landscapes and great videos.  Go check out his cool stuff and give him a Follow!

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Thanks to all those folks that subscribed to the weekly emails.  I'll do my best to make certain that they remain interesting!  

Have a great weekend!  Go see something!