Why .de?

I get this one a lot. danscape started in earnest as a blog and web presence in the summer of 2012. During that time, my life had undergone some significant changes and I was spending the summer in Germany, the land of my parents and a country that many of my family still called home.

While serving in the US Army, I was stationed there from 88-91 and was greatly enamored of the place. I have visited again often but that trip in the summer of '12 was different. It was a turning point.

The adventures that I went on, the stories that I wrote, the images that I captured showed me that I COULD do all of those things in a way that folks would enjoy, that I would enjoy. The trip, among many other things, validated for me that despite the rawness of my photographic skills, I had the base ability to compose an image, to capture details in both word and picture.

The bigger picture for danscape photography is seen in a venue larger than Spokane, larger than Eastern Washington, larger than just the US. The goal is to do what I'm doing on an international scale.

Frankfurt (21 of 35)

Imagine all the stories that can be told. How many overlooked buildings and angles are there to be seen? What stories are held within the strangers we pass on the street? The ultimate goal is to uncover or discover as much of the world as possible.

That is why .de! Yes, I need to make improvements to the tech-related issues concerning the page but I'm going to keep the current name as it represents me as well as my images do.

Bad Bederkesa 5
Bad Bederkesa 5