The Clouds of Sprague

I've been in poor spirits of late.  A combination of unpleasant life changes and just general shittiness. Nothing that time, yoga and meditation won't take care of but I felt that I needed a bit of a boost.  So, I did what I often do when I need a lift.

Road Trip!

Montana has the well-deserved nickname of "Big Sky Country".  With their wide expanses of heavens and prairie, their horizons stretch out far, often a 360-degree vista.  Kind of like .... Eastern Washington. While this isn't The Palouse, this part of the Inland Northwest has, in my humble opinion, the absolute best views of the skies and clouds to be found.

I drove Southwest out of Spokane on I-90 and again visited the small town of Sprague.  The place is quite a rusty gem with many vestigial remains of its former farming and transportation history.  As I drove under the blanket above, I didn't so much feel my mood lifted.  More like my weight was being acknowledged.  The longer that I drove, the more time I had to let the thoughts roll around ... and the longer they rolled around, the less weight they had.

All of these images are available as prints HERE or for use as stock photos HERE!

Eventually, as is always the case, the time spent in the natural beauty and the effort needed to make pretty landscape pictures did their magic.  I read a while back about how the Earth's natural vibrational frequency is much lower than the frequencies found in any urbanized area.  Makes sense.  All of our electrical utilities and power sources, the waves and signal we send ... they add up to create a field of energy that is against our bodies' best interests.

When in doubt of your feelings of worth, when your thoughts are sour and your mind monkeys are flinging poo, go spend some time in nature.  Road trips will do you wonders ... especially if you find a blanket of Eastern Washington clouds.

All of these images are available as prints HERE or for use as stock photos HERE!