Assassins - Character Portraits

It has just been announced that Stephen Sondheim will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with many other notables at the White House on November 24th.  This seems like a good time to recall the character portraits from the recent presentation of Assassins at The Modern-CDA. I'll let the review of the show speak to its excellent quality but I was thoroughly impressed with this show. Though I'm fond of all of our shows, some are certainly better than others and this one was top-notch.

Recently, a dear friend caught me downplaying the value of the images that I create.  I said something about how the images that I create don't have much to do with the final quality of the show and he disagreed firmly.  He made a strong case for how show imagery and strong marketing material help to set the expectations that the public has for a production.  The stronger the promotional imagery, the higher the expectations.  If a cast and crew feel that their expectations are high, well, they'll work harder to reach that goal.  For a low bar, they'll aim for that.

There is some sense in that.  I do what I can to capture or create themes that are relevant and I'm proud of what I accomplish.  I'd be lying if I said that having awesome artists with which to work didn't matter.  They're super awesome!

For this show, we took all of these images in the basement of The Modern-Spokane.  Though the place is much more well-organized now, when we moved into the space. It was a creepy mess; dirty, dusty and dark.  Perfect setting for a bunch of assassins.