The Tale of the Marvel Rejects

Hoopfest weekend turned out to be a fantastic weekend for many reasons.  In addition to meeting tons of cool folks, I had the opportunity to create hundreds of images.  Some were strict action shots and some were captures of dramatic moments that happened to involve basketball.  Human drama is human drama regardless of the form it comes in. One of the more popular images that I created almost didn't happen, the one involving the Marvel Rejects!

My sidekick, Elizabeth, and I had returned to the media station to work on some of the images that we had captured.  As we were working, head-down, one of the other team members pointed out the team that was passing by our window, a Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man and Captain America.  They had just finished one match and were headed elsewhere.  I'm happy to say that inspiration struck almost instantly and the idea for the image firmed up in the 30 seconds that it took me to reach them.

All four guys, Scott Gronewald, Will Coburn, Brett Hoblin and Nick Morlan, were more than happy to oblige.  I suppose simply being at Hoopfest will put you in front of lots of folks and wearing what they were would indicate that they weren't bashful around cameras.  My bright orange Hoopfest Digital Media Team shirt didn't hurt, either.

After a very brief explanation of what I planned and the briefest of posing tips, I shot only 4 images, no flash, no make-up.  Nothing extra.  Within 5 minutes, I had the original image posted and it got plenty of attention from there.

Now that I've got more than 5 minutes to work on it, may I present the new-and improved version...

Marvel Rejects - Hoopfest 2014

Marvel Rejects - Hoopfest 2014